Pursue benefits for both the business and the society concurrently

At Bell Transport, our guiding principle is simple: Pursue benefits for both the business and the society concurrently. This two-pronged approach involves finding ways to develop our business. Even as we deliver services to the communities, we are also mindful of any potential negative environment or safety impact that may result from the roll-out of our limousine operations. We are continually looking at ways to manage and minimize the impact of our business operations on the environment. Our commitment to the environment is steadfast. Whether it is the limousines that we run or the building that we operate in, we are committed to ensuring that we achieve our goals. In 2020, we have implemented the paperless work environment through digitalizing our operation.

The saying goes that prevention is better than cure. This is certainly true for vehicles and machinery. This is why we have a rigorous maintenance regime in place. All our vehicles are sent only to the authorized dealerships on a scheduled preventive maintenance. In addition, all of our vehicles are fully sanitized before and after every trip while all drivers have to go through mandatory temperature monitoring on a daily basis, making sure that our guests are always in a safe and clean environment. Mandatory annual health checkups are provided to all staff since we started the company.

Health & Safety